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Happy Thanksgiving

By December 6, 2009 No Comments

 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I spent the week with my parents in Dallas and then came back down in order to get a lot of projects started on the boat (now I just have to get them all completed).  I have started to cut holes in the bulkhead under the forward beds in order to put in drawers so the hold under the bed is easier to access.  I have also gutted one of the heads so a fiberglass guy can come in and turn it into a dedicated shower.  A frig guy is half way through switching the two frigs into one frig and one freezer and both will be ran by 12 volt.  The final project I started with Joel’s help is to install a winch for a 4×4 to raise the main halyard.  The advantage of this over converting one of the sailing winches is that it is less than half the price and the halyard will be coiled on the drum instead of a pile in the cockpit.

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