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Hacienda Mamacona is THE place for Sunday Brunch

By February 3, 2020 No Comments

After visiting the pre Inca site of Pachacamac, which I wrote about yesterday, we stopped at the Hacienda Mamacona because we were told the food was great and you got to see the Peruvian Paso and Marinera dance. Sounded intriguing enough, right?

Turns out this beautiful Peruvian ranch was extremely popular with the locals from Lima for the Sunday brunch. It was a reservation required type of place, but after waiting over an hour they slipped us in so we could partake of the immense buffet. I got to try so many different local dishes that I can not even remember them all. Then there was an entirely different buffet table just with desserts. Hello! Why did we not start there? 🙂

After lunch we were treated to a show of which I knew nothing. Turns out over the 400 years since horses were brought to the country they have gains a special gait through the use of breeding. The Peruvian Paso is high sought after because they offer one of the smoothest rides in the world due to them using one foot at a time verse two at a time with most other breeds.

On top of this we got to see men and women demonstrating the marinera dance and one of the ladies did the famous dance with a horse. I know it sounds kinky, but it was breath takingly beautiful.

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