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Check out the pre-Spanish archaeological site of Pachacamac with me

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Pachacamac is a religious city that was first settled around 200 AD and flourished for about 1,300 years until the Spanish invaded. It was named after the “Earth Maker” creator god Pacha Kamaq by the pre Incas people of the area.

The huge site is spread over 600 hectares and many buildings, temples, and pyramids. The three most famous are the Painted Temple, the Temple of the Sun, and the Old Temple of Pachacamac. But I found the place that the virgins were raised to serve as human sacrifices quite interesting.

The entire area is spread out and has a very sensible walking path to see the whole site in about two hours. The buildings and pyramids are made from mud bricks and it gives a very impressive view of life in this coastal desert in prehistoric times.

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