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Barranco is a great neighborhood in Lima, Peru

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Going down Bajada de Baños

Barranco is a great, artistic neighborhood found south of Miraflores. While it is popular with college students due to the many clubs and cafes, I visited during the day and simple liked walking around the area and checking out all the murals painted here and there. My favorite street was Bajada de Baños which descends down a canyon right to the sea and is lines with little shops and cafes.

Looking across the valley Bajada de Baños goes down

Would you believe I even got my very first pedicure here? Its true. I happen to walk into a salon so the person showing me around could find some products. They were not busy and the prices was something like $15, so how could I resist? I was so relaxed I ended up falling asleep and for hours afterwards I felt like I was walking on clouds. 🙂

I visited Barranco during the week, but on the weekends there is a “Taste of Barranco” food festival, where outdoor tables are filled with many dishes at reasonable prices.

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