Getting my new passport and yellow fever vaccination

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Due to the number of times I entered the BVI on charters and all the traveling I have done in the last 9 years, I had to get my passport renewed a year and a half before it expired. One thing I did when I got the passport that is now full that helped this was to order the 52 page passport instead of the standard 26 page one, thus giving me twice the space. Otherwise it would have been full years ago, because I did not know about the passport card then. This card is only good for land travel between the USA and Mexico, Canada, and by boat to the BVI, but it would have save spaces for stamps since they do not stamp the card. Live and learn.

As soon as I got back to the USA with my parents I went to a passport office right in Manhattan (there is at least one in every major city) and asked for an expedited passport renewal. I was told this is only possible if I can show them that I have a booked flight within the next two weeks. Hhhhuuummm. No problem. I booked a flight for the next week, submitted all the paperwork, and canceled the flight that night (most online bookings give you 24 hours for no penalties on cancellations). Sneaky :). Would you believe the very next afternoon I had my brand new passport in hand? Now I was itching to get a stamp into it. Where would I go first? Find out tomorrow. 🙂

After I got my parents to the airport and said goodbye I flew to Colorado, where I like to spend the month of October resting, writing, working on the website, and getting ready for the upcoming season. One thing I want to do was get vaccinations that are recommended and required for travel to many parts of the world. My primary doctor was able to give the flu, hepatitis A (already had B through the Fire Dept), tetanus-diphtheria-whooping cough (all three given as one), and typhoid but not yellow fever.

Apparently the yellow fever vaccination is a live virus and special care has to be taken. This, plus the fact that there is a shortage in the USA right now because the only factory making them is being rebuilt, makes it difficult to find someone to get the yellow fever vaccination from. I finally found a company, but first they make you have a consultation about your need for it and the complications it can cause. In the end I got my vaccination and am now cleared to travel to many tropical counties including half of South America, which is where I am planing to travel this coming off season.

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