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Getting a haircut on Nevis

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Haircut 1

I was amazed at how many barber shops I saw while walking around Charlestown on Nevis. It seemed to be way more than the 11,000 inhabitants could support, but I wanted to help contribute. Of course, it did not hurt that I had gone two months since my last haircut and I looked like a tanned mop. 🙂

The one I chose was attached to a small bar and the barber did not speak english. He made me walk over to the bar, so I could tell the female bartender what I wanted (I think they were related and from Venezuela). As I did this I was wondering how hard it was to deduce a guy walking into a barber shop wanted a haircut, but over to the bar I went.

Once we got everything settled I ended up getting a great haircut for about $8. Boy did I feel better after that. In fact, from there my guest and I headed to the hot spring I wrote about yesterday to make a pretty spectacular day!

Haircut 2

The barber shop on the side of a bar

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