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What is the hottest thing to do on Nevis?

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Hot Springs POTD

That is a super easy answer….the hot springs!!!!

Hot Springs 3

Bath house ruins

Hot Springs 4

One of the stalls inside the Bath House

On the outskirts of Charlestown (to the west) you will find a natural hot spring. This spring was once a huge tourist draw and the Bath House Hotel was built here is 1778. It is now a government building and the bath house itself is in ruins, but that does not stop the locals. They had a new open air small pool built, plus many use the creek that the water runs down.

What I find funny is how this wonderful hot spring is unknown among tourist, since many are drawn whenever they hear there is a hot spring around where ever they are. All that does is make this hot spring even better, because you are sharing it with locals who bath in the creek and soak in the pool to absorb the healing qualities the water is suppose to contain.

Hot Springs 1

Getting in the hot spring pool

One thing I must warn you about is that when I say hot I do mean it. I have had two different friends say all they could do was get in waist deep just long enough for a photo. It took me around five minutes, but I finally was able to submerge my entire body and stayed in for about ten minutes before I had to get out. Of course, I was venting heat from my body for the next hour. Haha.

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