From Boo Boo Hill you can see heaven

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This was a great week. To finish off my visit of Normans I snorkeled the plane and went to a small cave, which was littered with conch shells.

I headed 3-4 miles to Shroud Cay, which is three miles long and over one mile wide and has a ring of high and dry land around the edge of the island and the center is mangroves (swamp). I spent two days kayaking through the saltwater “creeks”. It was like the Everglades except the water was crystal clear and there were no mosquitoes. The second from the top creek was my favorite and at the end you are rewarded with a little bay and a walk over the sand dune to the ocean. The second day I was surprised when Rusty and Linda from Sea Yawl Later (I met them on the way to New Orleans) called me and we hung out for the week.

SYL and I decided to head another couple of miles down to the next island, Hawkbill Cay, because a front was coming through and it provided better protection. We went to the north part of the island and hiked a trail through some ruins from the 1760s.

After two nights at Hawkbill we picked up anchor and sailed 15 miles south to Wardewick Wells, which is the headquarters of the Exumas Land and Sea Park. Since the winds were still 20 knots from the NE we were able to make 6 knots with jibs alone. The anchorage at Wardewick Wells is one of the most beautiful scenes you will find with a crescent shaped channel to moor in. On my second day here I hiked to the top of Boo Boo Hill, where everyone puts something with their boat name on it, with SYL. The view is amazing. After that I hiked all the way to the south end of the island and back (about eight miles round trip). It was rough but I enjoyed it.

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