On Sunday the Fosters and I hung out at Rose Island and went to the beach, snorkeled the reefs, and explored with the dinghy.  We headed back to Nassau around 10AM on Monday and they took a taxi to the airport at 4:30AM on Tuesday (Fosters – I had an enjoyable time with you guys).  After they left I spent the morning running a few errands including getting my immigration extended.  This took three hours and since I wanted to meet the crew from Imagina (they are from Argentina and were on the dock next to me at Bimini) at Allen’s Cay that night, which is 35 miles away, I was behind schedule.  I made it to the cay about an hour after dark, but did not want to enter the cay without daylight.  So I anchored out in the open about a mile from the cay with light winds.  The next morning I went to whole 2-3 miles and anchored next to them and had breakfast waiting for them when they woke up.  After this we went to the beach and snorkeled.  After lunch everyone ended up taking a siesta right there on the beach (it’s a hard life).  That night their captain, Alex, hauled me up the mast so I could install the VHF antenna to the cable Jim helped me run down the mast a couple of days before.  I also moved the flag halyards out so the flags won’t get beat up against the lazyjacks.  On Thursday I got up and went to shore so I could get photos of the iguanas and then both boats motor sailed (the wind was just a bit too much on the nose) to Norman’s Cay (famous as the operation of a Colombian drug lord in the early 80’s).  We wanted to be at this cay because a front was coming that night and the cay has all around protection.  Alex took the guys to the beach and showed me how to kite surf (this is something I could get into).  After the front passed I went to shore and walked among the drug lord’s compound.  It is now just a bunch of ruined buildings, but there is a crashed plane in the water.  I finished running the antenna cable to the radio and waved goodbye to Imagina as they had to go back to Nassau to drop off two crew members they picked up last week.

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