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Face your fears! Try new things

By March 23, 2017 No Comments
[Shane – Melek hits it square on the head. Exactly what I have written several times]

Sometimes we can fear something with no real reason and hesitate to try it! I was scared of turtles until I got down to the Virgin Islands and sailed with Shane. He was saying there is no need to be scared of them and they are really nice, but I couldn’t really imagine swimming with them or coming close to them. But I like facing my fears, because when you do, it makes you stronger!

So when we were in Salt Pond Bay, I saw my first one! I did hold Shane’s hand and was keeping away from him but was still able to float above him. The next day, when we were snorkeling around Coral Bay, there was a really nice turtle. He was swimming around us comfortably and he wasn’t really scared of us and I wasn’t scared of him! It was fun and I actually wanted to touch him!

The underwater world is really amazing and snorkeling around the nice bays Shane took me to are just great! He knows the best places and he is very good at comforting you and making you try new things! Thank you Shane! xoxo

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