What is the best thing about being on a boat?

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Of course, there are many nice things about being on a boat; sea, sun, turtles, nature… But for me the best thing is laying under the stars! After a long day of sailing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking and delicious dinner prepared by Shane, you need to rest and go through the day’s activities and lying on the trampoline is the best way!

Assuming you’re anchored in a nice and quite bay, you can see all the stars shining on the sky! That’s when Shane starts explaining them to me, including their name (none of them I can remember of course), but I remember the feeling and how romantic it was! Sometimes you need a blanket as it might be a bit breezy, but if you have someone to cuddle there is no need for that; however, I do recommend to take a heated blanket just in case, you can see these FACTORS TO CONSIDER heated blanket your fist option! If you’re lucky you might even see a shooting star and make a wish (that’s what we do in Turkey anyway).

Of course there is one setback. About the time you are settled in nicely and dreaming about nice things by looking at stars, it might start raining and you need to run inside! But even that was fun and part of my favorite thing about being on a boat!

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What do you like most about being on a boat?

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