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Even on a boat you have to do spring cleaning every now and then

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Since I have been stuck on St Lucia during this pandemic I decided it was long past time that I pull all my spare parts out of the locker I store them in and reorganize everything. This was needed since everything was piled up in the locker and I did not know where stuff I thought was in there was. I am sure no one ashore has a closet like this at all. 😉 Haha

Once I had everything out I cleaned the locker and then sorted all the parts into broad categories like electrical, plumbing, deck hardware, etc. Now I do not have all the spares I would like to have, so I can fix any issue aboard that is needed, but I have a pretty good selection. In fact, I ended up finding stuff I forgot I put in there and would work perfect for some other projects I wanted to do (tell you about one of them tomorrow). I even cleared out two bins of stuff that was no longer needed since the system I had aboard has changed (I just need to find a used boat store, nautical flea market, or have a garage sale but I will call it a cockpit sale, haha).

Once everything was organized, logged in a spreadsheet (I am told I have a spreadsheet for everything, haha), and packed into different bins I put it all back into the locker. Once again it is easy to look into the locker and find the part I need to do a project.

Boy do I love doing spring cleaning and clearing stuff out. How about you?

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