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My favorite island is still Culebra

By June 20, 2019 2 Comments
Culebra - Night Time POTD

Before these blogs follow me down island, I wanted to catch up on a few places I visited this year in the Virgin Islands. The first one is Culebra. This Island is between St Thomas and Puerto Rico and is about as laid back as you can get in the Caribbean.

Culebra - Flemenco Beach 2

I am happy to report Culebra is recovering nicely since the hurricane and many places are back up and running. I took my guest to Flamenco Beach to see the tanks on the beach and hang out. The tanks, which are left over from after WW2 when the US Navy used the island as target practice, have been newly painted, the beach is cleaned up, and the snack area has new huts. One thing I recommend is even though you can anchor in the bay, go ahead and anchor near town and take the $3 taxi to the beach. The bay never seems calm enough to want to have my boat in it.

Hector the Protector

The Dinghy Dock Restaurant is open and as good as ever! A lot of people like to anchor at the end of Ensenada Honda, but I find the bay to be too rough with the 2 mile fetch. Instead I like to anchor on the opposite side of town near the ferry dock and dinghy through the canal. If you go this way you will get to see Hector the Protector, newly rebuilt, and the famous non-lifting bridge.

Culebra - Flemenco Beach 1

I did find a new bay with incredible snorkeling. The southern side of Point Tamar indo Grande, on the west coast is well protected and the reef is extensive. We spend several hours snorkeling this area. Other places I revisited, and am happy to report are ok, are all around Luis Pena and Ensenada Dakity. The first has great snorkeling and the second is an perfectly protected bay behind a reef and one of my favorite places. Over on Culebrita the lighthouse is off limits if you want to climb to the top as they are restoring this beautiful building, but you are more than welcome to hike up to it and walk among the ground floor.

I could spend a moth or two at Culebra. Unfortunately the longest I have spent at one time is a week. Lucky for me I have been able to go back a dozen times or more over the last eight years. 🙂


  • Shane says:


    I have been to St Lucia and it is amazing. There are rain forests, but no tigers.

    I have no problem giving a comission for any charters that are booked. I will give you a 10% discount for a charter with each that you get booked. That means 10 bookings and you get a free trip. 🙂

    Thanks and talk to you later.


  • Have you ever been to st Lucia? I head it’s very beautiful, tigers on the beach in some areas, jungle, beach, and rain forest. Is it true?
    I’m building a website for students. Do you pay for marketing at all? Like if I put links to your website and people buy cruises you can pay me a percentage? If after I book so many with you you can give me a free Cruz for a week. I’ll even help work.
    Hi Sean, Lisa’s sister. You have the best job ever!
    I have 2 sites
    A new one which is based on women and their prime years.

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