Where am I off to next?

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Map - Caribbean

That is a good question. After the two week road trip I took last September to see a bunch of National Park in California and Arizona, which I just finished writing about, I headed back down to Guiding Light and ran charters in the Virgin Islands as I usually do through out the winter months.

The exciting news is this was my last year to run charters in the Virgin Islands and I finished up at the end of April. I had to wait a bit for the weather to give me light winds so I could motor 100 miles east (dead into the trade winds) and arrive in St Martin, which is what I did May 9th. Since that time I have been exploring St Martin and running a few charters, which is exactly what my plans for next year are!!!

I am going to spend Thanksgiving 2019 through July 2020 exploring the Windward and Leeward Island chain and take charters around once a month. These charter can either be the one week vacation where someone charters the whole boat and we have a blast checking out an area or it can be my “cruising experience” charter where someone charters a cabin for a minimum of two weeks and we see where the winds take us. Both are great choices and allow me to explore new areas of the world and share it with guest aboard the Guiding Light. Yea! 🙂

My very basic and always adjustable itinerary is:

  • Thanksgiving week – early February will be spent in St Lucia, St Vincent & The Grenadines, and Grenada
  • The rest of February will be spent in Trinidad in order to see the rest of what this amazing island has to offer and to celebrate Carnival (Feb 24 & 25) in the 2nd largest spot in the world
  • March I plan on cruising from Trinidad to Tobago and then an offshore passage to Barbados to spend a couple weeks exploring since it is less trafficked by crusiers
  • Late March through mid April will have me exploring the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe for a couple weeks each
  • This will allow me to spend the later half of April and first part of May exploring Antigua and be there for Antigua Sail Week (April 25-May 2)
  • From mid May on I am free to go where the winds (or charters) take me as long as I am in Grenada by the end of July to put the boat away for hurricane season and I get to spend several weeks in Dominica (need more time there exploring 🙂 ).

I am very excited to not only explore more islands, but to have my more adventurous guest join me for different parts of my voyage. Are you interested? Then contact me. In the mean time I am going to catch you up, over the next couple weeks, on a few things I did before leaving the Virgin Islands. Stay tuned!!!!!!

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