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Cruising up the mid Atlantic

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My buddy boat decided to get a slip on Monday, so we had access to the swimming pool, which was very nice.  The raw water pump came in on Tuesday and I had the engine up and running by noon.  After that Steve and I rented a car and drove to several stores to obtain the other items we needed (some things were not available so I will have to wait on them).

On Tuesday we left Norfolk and the Chesapeake Bay area without the other boat (they wanted to go up the Chesapeake, so we will meet in Annapolis towards the begining of October).  We passed the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (an aircraft carrier launched in 1975).  A Navy helicopter buzzed VERY close to us to make sure we would not come near the ship.  We also saw two hovercrafts, a sub, and several other warships.  On top of this there were 200-300 brown rays in the water.  It was amazing.

After a great run of 15 miles motored and 50 miles sailed, we anchored at Quinby Inlet on the Virginia coast.  There was nothing around for miles except for a lookout station of some type.  Amazingly they had wi-fi that I got to tap into.  The next day we were able to sail another 45 miles before a large squall hit us.  We dropped the sails and motored through it and the remaining 10 miles to Ocean City, MD. 

Due to a cold front passing (winds would be on the bow at 15-20 knots) we spent the next day in the harbor, which was choppy until the afternoon.  We went to shore and walked around the boardwalk and I had a pretzel stuffed with Cajun turkey and cheese plus an Italian ice.

On Saturday the winds were on the nose, but only at 5 knots, so we decided to motor 65 miles to Ocean City, NJ (felt like we went in a circle).

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