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All kinds of issues!

By July 25, 2010 No Comments

We made it to Elizabeth City, which is supposed to be the “harbor of hospitality”.  The area is very nice, but if there were two other boats with us the city would have thrown a party for us.  Oh well, maybe on the way down this fall.

 We left and motored up the Dismal Swamp.  We got to the Visitor Center dock five minutes after the rain storm started (bad timing).  During the storm a very large tree fell about a mile or so ahead of us and we had to stay an extra day so the Corp of Engineers cleared the canal.  The swamp is actually quite pretty, but not in the July heat.

 We final made it to Norfolk (I got to follow a submarine which was leaving port).  I planned on staying here a few days to get parts and fix different issues on the boat, but a small lightning strike hit the boat and I now have a few more issues to deal with. 

 I guess with paradise comes some reality :).

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