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Copper Mine Point

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BVI - Virgin Gorda - Copper Mine Point BVI - Virgin Gorda - Copper Mine Point - MuralAt Copper Mine PointCopper Mine Point - Close Up Of Discolored Rocks

Last week I mentioned when you are done exploring the Baths you should take a taxi tour of Virgin Gorda and stop by Copper Mine Point in the process.  This week I wanted to tell you about this historic site.

It was built in 1837 by Cornish workers (from the southwest section of England).  They operated the mine for 24 years before it was abandoned; even though you can still see veins of copper on the surface (check out the green color of the rocks in the 4th photo).  The main shaft reached a depth of 240 feet down and some of the levels run under the sea floor.

Today, what remains is the smoke stack (check out the bricks at the top), the engine house, and the main building’s foundation.  Plus the road to Spanish Town was originally made by these workers to get the ore to ships anchored off the largest settlement.  The engine used was a beam engine and it is now sitting a mile or so north on the beach of Handsome Bay.  This is reputed to be the oldest surviving Cornish beam engine in the world.

If you visit you should plan on having lunch at Copper Mine Restaurant and check out the mural (2nd photo) on the lower wall.

From here your tour will head to North Sound, which I will talk about next week.

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