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Christmas came earily

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The other day I woke up with a charter in the Bight on Norman Island.  I was busy making coffee, get breakfast out, looking over the boat, and other normal things I do on a boat and on charter.  Well I keep hearing the sound of water slapping coming from under the boat, which did not sound right but I dismissed it as a windy day and the way the waves were catching the hull of the boat.

After a while I finally decided that something was not right and went to the bow and looked under the boat.  Well lookie there I found a dinghy under my boat!  Apparently someone had a VERY good time at Wily T’s the night before and did not tie up their dinghy very well, because it got loose, floated between the bows, and got stuck under me.  Was it Christmas and this was the gift left under the boat?  Darn it, because I just bought the new dinghy.  🙂

Once I finally got it pulled out from the front using the boat hooks (of course it had started to rain once I started – just my luck) I looked up and there was a monohull bareboater with the same logo on their boat as the dinghy.  They were obviously going slow and looking around, plus they were not pulling a dinghy behind the boat.  I yelled over asking if they were looking for a dinghy and of course they were.

They came up, I threw the dinghy painter to them, and they headed out.  Of course they went full throttle straight out of the bay.  I wonder if they were a bit on the embarrassed side and wanted to run away?  😉

Dinghy under the boat

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