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To jump or not to jump

By June 29, 2014 One Comment

Our first rock!!!!! Flipping off the bow My family Jumping with Captian and brotherWhen Captain Shane was covering the mandatory safety information, everything from what to do if a man goes overboard to how to work the fancy boat toilets, I was eyeing the bow of the boat to see how high that bad boy was off the water. At the end of the briefing, Shane asked us if we had any questions. Without knowing that it would soon become a theme of our stay aboard the ship I asked, “Is there anything we can jump off of?”

20 Minutes later Captain Shane and his lovely first mate, Leala, had us anchoring in front of a huge cliff jutting out from the water. We promptly swam over to the cliff and began to climb its sharp, slippery surface. We came to a flat area about 8 feet out of the water. I was stoked to be able to do some cliff jumping so early and looked at Shane for the go-ahead, but instead he kept climbing. We scaled up the entire cliff to the very top at about 45 feet, and then got that “go-ahead” I was waiting for. I didn’t allow myself a second to hesitate because; after all, this is what I asked for wasn’t it? I pushed off the cliff and went soaring into the glistening water below. I knew right then that Shane was going to make this the most memorable vacation yet.

From snorkeling shipwrecks and diving in caves, to hiking beautiful islands and, of course, jumping off every rock and ship in sight, Shane and Leala gave us the trip we all had been dreaming about. We can’t wait to be back because, after all, there are always more rocks to jump off of! 😉 –Kelly 18

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