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The Chaguaramas Military History & Aerospace Museum

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The Chaguaramas Military History & Aerospace Museum is a mixed bag. It was formed in 1991 by Gaylord Kelshall, who did a wonderful job in putting together a history of warfare stating with man domesticating horses and going through the Gulf War. All of the information eventually leads back to how it affected Trinidad & Tobago, which makes since since this is where the museum is located. He set the museum up as a path through history and starts with the prehistory then moves into Spanish history in the New World. From there it moves into Britain taking over Trinidad & Tobago and into independence. There is lots of information, artifacts, and props built to show different things (a wooden U-boat, tank, and models).

Outside you will find many various pieces of equipment including real tanks, helicopters, anti aircraft guns, and etc, but the highlight is an abandoned 747 that has been striped out. I have no idea why I found this shell of a commercial airliner so fascinating, but I could not get enough of it. I even thought it was kind of cool how the turbine in the engine whirled when the breeze picked up.

All of the above is the good news. The bad news is that Mr. Kelshall passed away in 2017 and the Chaguaramas Military History & Aerospace Museum is now falling apart. Stuff in the display cases are knocked over, models are destroyed, there are cobwebs everywhere, the roof leaks, and more.

I recommend you visit the Chaguaramas Military History & Aerospace Museum if you are in Trinidad…..but do it quick while there is still stuff to see.

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