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On the hill over looking Port of Spain you will find Fort George

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If you want a great view over looking Port of Spain then Fort George is the place you should head. Here you will be able to look down onto the capital city and out to sea. There are picnic table set up around the small fort to have a picnic.

The prison at the fort

Since you are up here you should also have a look around. Fort George is quite small and you can view everything in about 10 minutes. It consists of two levels. The first being the main battery and housing a jail in the middle of the grounds. The second level is on top of the earth that covers the jail. Fort George was built in 1804 along with some lower batteries to protect Port of Spain after they got it in a treaty from Spain. By 1846 the impregnable structure was out dated and abandoned as a military outpost.

Signal station in the background

That did not stop Fort George though since it was turned into a signal station until 1964. A two story house looking structure was built after being designed by an Ashantee prince from West Africa who was a ward of the British government after a war with his people.

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