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Ceramic plate from Vera’s on Anegada

By July 8, 2014 2 Comments

Anegada is a delightful island on the far end of the BVI.  It is flat, sandy, and developed from coral unlike the rest of the Virgin Islands which were volcanic in nature and are tall and rugged.  If you like gorgeous sandy beaches then this is an island you want to visit.

There is not a lot to do other than hang out at the beach and have lobster for dinner, but there is a little shopping you can do and my favorite place is Vera’s Pottery.  It is located just outside of the Anegada Reef Hotel and she makes some of the best hand painted ceramic plates and other items. She’s over joyed to teach how to clean your quarry tiles if you hang out long enough in her area. All of the locals love her work and there is often quite a congregation.

Vera's ceramics on Anegada


I asked her to make one with a lobster and flamingo in it, because that is what Anegada is known for.  One of her plate sizes was perfect for a spot of my mast step.  It took a few months between her making it and me getting out there, but I now have it and have hung it with pride in my boat.  I imagine it will be one of the few things I take with me if I ever sell my boat.  Thank you Vera!!!!!!

Vera's ceramic on Anegada mounted on the Guiding Light


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