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Reconnecting and unplugging

By July 6, 2014 One Comment

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These days, there’s a lot of talk about “reconnecting” and “unplugging”  and it’s not at all wrong, by any means, but there is nothing like five days on a boat with your family and two new wonderful people to reconnect to the idea of unplugging. A celebration of a triple graduation (I graduated with my Masters, my middle sister with her BA and my youngest from high school), this trip was simultaneously a reminder of all the time we’ve spent together as a family and, as our lives as children open graciously onto our adult life-stages, all that is yet to come. And there are no better people, in my short experience, to witness and celebrate this changing of the chapters that Captain “Uncle” Shane and the lovely Miss Leala.

Our five days spent sailing around the BVIs were, of course, filled with glorious beaches, wonderful snorkeling, a captivating trip to a ship wreck and many hours of fun in the sun. And I am in no way trying to downplay our day to day activities (which are worth many a blog post in and of themselves), but the memories I will take with me are of our times on the boat spent eating incredible meals (with impeccably prepared deserts), smiles, and playing many a board/card games. At the start of each morning, I looked forward to the setting of the sun and time spent dry, clean, and laughing. I loved being surrounded by stars and night and water and board game pieces or a just finished meal; it was always a perfect end to a perfect day and I will truly miss spending my evenings enjoying the company of our newly adopted Uncle.

Whether you need to get away, or crave a good conversation with a highly intelligent and interested party, if you’re just looking for a vacation, sometime in the islands or a unique way to celebrate turning a new page of your life, the Guiding Light and Uncle Shane will most certainly guide you towards all that is good in the Caribbean, not to mention the love, contentment and light to be found in simply enjoying the company of others.

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  • Dad and Mom says:

    Wow! What a wonderfully sweet post. It brought tears to my eyes just imagining the fun, laughter and memories being made. I am so very glad that Shane got to be a part of what sounds like an incredible family.

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