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Bar One on Bequia is not your typical beach bar

By February 11, 2020 No Comments
Bar One on Bequia

The reason Bar One is not your typical beach bar is because it is not on the beach… fact, it is not even on land! Bar One is the Grenadines one and only floating bar, so the only way to get to it is with a boat of some type. Whether that is a paddle board, kayak, dinghy, or motor boat is up to you.

Bar One is not a big place. In fact, it is not much bigger than the Guiding Light, and they use the space so simply. In the front there is a porch to tie up your dinghy, in the middle is a square bar, and in the back corner is a small bathroom. For bar stools they have hung up swings.

Whenever I visit Bar One it is always hopping and everyone aboard is having a great time hanging out, chatting with friends and strangers, and sipping on the most intoxicating flavors the bartenders put out. I had a spicy margarita and let me tell you that it did in deed have a kick in between the tequila. Now while everyone is having a great time it is not the out of control frat party that the Willy T in the BVI is. I would say the Bar One atmosphere is more akin to a Super Bowl party, where everyone stops by for a while, has some drinks, watches the happenings in the anchorage all around, sees old friends, makes new friends, and ends up having the highlight of the day.

I can not wait to go back. Who wants to go with me? đŸ™‚

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