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New Years in the Grenadines is the best!!!!!

By February 10, 2020 2 Comments

This is the first year I spent the holidays in the Grenadines and it was so much better than in the British Virgin Islands where I have run charters the last eight years.

As always, I had a charter New Years week and we started off with a great sail from Blue Lagoon, St Vincent down to Mustique where everyone loved having dinner at Basil’s after walking around the little area they allow you to visit on this private island with 100 villas. Plus the snorkeling is pretty good.

On the second day we sailed over to Bequia to spend two nights including Old Years Night. Unlike in the BVI where all there really is to do is have dinner and go to a bar, we had a marvelous time in Port Elizabeth. We started the day off with a great snorkel on the Devil’s Table where I seem to see 3-5 eels every time I go. (btw, how cool is that name? Devil’s Table!). After this my guest took the Belmont Walk along the bay from town to Princess Margret Beach and Lower bay Beach. When I picked them up we stopped by a floating bar on the way back to the boat, but I will tell you more about that awesome place tomorrow.

Come night time we started off with dinner at the Yacht Club, but quite frankly you could chose from a dozen or two different places and you would have been happy. After dinner we walked around town mingling with the locals having parties on the street and into some of the restaurants/bars celebrating the night. Then the gem in the crown, was a fantastic half hour fireworks show. Best Old Years Night I have had since being in the Caribbean!

New Years Day we continued the charter by sailing down and visiting the rest of the Grenadines, which I have talked about, and will do so again in the future, each of the islands and how fantastic they are!!!! The best part about New Years week down here verse the BVI is how many few boats there are and how much more friendly the locals are! Perfect combo!!!!!!!


  • Shane says:


    Thanks for the comment. As far as general security in the Caribbean goes I always raise my dinghy at night, lock my hatches when I leave the boat, and at night have the doors closed so no one can enter. I have a new motion sensor light and camera to alert me if someone comes on the boat at night, but I have not installed it yet. Other than that I listen to reports of problems, but I also take such reports with a grain of salt and try to determine the actual events and risk instead of taking someone’s second hand word. I hope this all helps.


  • Larry says:

    Hello Shane, Great reports. Appreciate it. Would you have general security advice when boating the Caribbeans? TKS. Larry.

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