Back on the Road: The Best Ways to Travel Post-Pandemic

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It’s time to ditch the video calls, dust off the camera, and dig out your smallest backpack – travelling post-COVID is all about leaving baggage behind. As things return to normality, here are our top ways to get back on the road.

Beach Breaks

It’s true what they say, the Pacific has no memory. For those looking to leave the last year behind them, cerulean oceans and sugar-sand beaches might just do the trick. Although Hawaii may be out of reach, there’s a trove of secluded locations just waiting to be explored by any parasol pioneers with a car and a squeeze of sunscreen. Florida remains a top destination, but if you’re searching for a truly hidden gem, pay close attention to less-celebrated coastlines along Oregon, Maine, and Georgia.

When it comes to beachside accommodation, budget is an important factor. Depending on how much you have to play with, you’ll want to look into either resorts or Air BnBs/condos. According to a study by Trivago, there is still plenty of interest in domestic travel, so hotels will likely be busy and less socially distanced. If you’re concerned about being around so many people, an Airbnb may be your best option.

Holiday Hikes

The vaccine rollout is fully underway across the USA, but some of us may still be on the lookout for remote experiences. Luckily, the great American outdoors remains a safe, accessible option, and almost every state in the country offers worthwhile hiking trails, with a range of climates to suit your preference.

For a beautiful spectacle, it’s difficult to beat the mountain west. Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, in particular, house some of the world’s most astonishing national parks, including Grand Teton and Yellowstone. If those are out of reach, you might consult the long trails map, which has a focus on coastal areas and almost unlimited walking distances.

You can often find lodges closeby to areas of natural beauty, but the best way to experience a weekend outdoors is still by camping. Luxury camping resorts tend to cost around the same as a hotel but RV camp sites remain a humble $25-85 per night, depending on where you stay.

Desert Drives

There’s no better way to see the country than with a road trip, and there’s no better time to get behind the wheel than now. Deserts in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas can be inhospitable on foot but from the window of a car, they take on a transformed beauty. When deciding where you’re going, try to have a particular route in mind. Not only will this guarantee that you get beautiful sights, you can also plan the journey and ensure it will be a safe one.

Before setting out on your desert adventure, it’s crucial that you have a thorough understanding of car care and maintenance. Any road trip can be hazardous if your vehicle is unequipped with the right tools, accessories and spare tires. A good idea is to make a checklist and tick off items well ahead of time.

Coldwater Canoes

A great travel experience is often hard-earned. Nowhere captures this sentiment quite like the Chugach National Forest in Alaska, a snow-capped reserve and partial home to the Prince William Sound. It’s here that stalwart adventurers can canoe in the company of bears, humpback whales, seals, sea lions, and orca, on glass-clear rivers, surrounded by conifers. But these kinds of coldwater experiences are not limited to the far north – the Ozarks in Missouri boast the Eleven Point National Scenic River and, to the east, Virginia state is host to the mighty Chesapeake Bay – a canoe/kayaking hotspot.

With many international flights cancelled, Americans are again looking inward at their country’s own natural beauty. And if you’re willing to step into the outdoors, you won’t miss a second of what the holidays have to offer.

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