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Back in Colorado and doing the Relay For Life

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I started the week off with my cousins Andrea and Allison along with their husbands Mike and Brandon.  We had lunch and hung out for a few days.

On Tuesday I moved up to Golden and had lunch with my eye doctor Kelly.  The rest of the day was spent at the fire house including that night for training.  Wednesday and Thursday were also spent hanging out at the fire house and with Val & Steph.  I did have dinner with my friend Mo (she is a portrait photographer…if your interested in her services let me know) on Thursday night.

Friday was spent getting ready to run the entertainment at the American Cancer Society‘s Relay for Life.  This is my seventh or eighth event and I was so happy when my Relay friends Pete & Cherry emailed me a few months asking if I would come and take over my old position for  the event.  The official kick off was at 5pm and at 10pm Ray the DJ ( and I kicked into high gear and had a new game on the track every hour until 7am.  I also met some new Relay friends in Jamie and Brittney (do you think I was bummed to have to pose for that photo 😉  ).

After staying up all night for the relay I had tea with the coordinator of the event and then took a nap.  That night I had dinner at Deb’s house (she is a formal boss from 10 years ago).  I always have fun chatting with her.

This week I was able to get a haircut from my barber in Golden.  I had it cut short like I use to wear it and I am curious what each of you think is the better look for me (click on the photo to make it bigger).  So e-mail me at shane (at) svGuidingLight (dot) com and let me know if you like the short hair, longer hair, or somewhere in between.  This will also gives me the opportunity to hear from everyone who blesses me by reading my weekly ramblings and highlights.

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