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The end of an era was launched this week

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I had a blast in Missouri this week.  As soon as my parents and I showed up at my aunt’s we were shooting off fireworks (and they got some good stuff).  On the morning of the 4th I visited my grandma in the nursing home.  In the afternoon everyone got together to celebrate July birthdays (I’m one of them) with pulled pork sandwiches and cake (with ice cream…of course!).  In the evening we went to Marceline (the childhood home of Walt Disney and the town Main Street USA at Disneyland is modeled after) for the annual fair (lots of rides). 

The next day Eric (from a couple of weeks ago) invited me to go wake boarding with him, my 3rd cousin Megan, and his two friends.  I got up right away and improved through out the day.  We also used his tube and he had to max out the boat at 30+ knots to throw me off.  What a day.

The entire time I was here I had my cousin’s 6 (Cailyn) and 3 (Addisyn) year old girls hanging out with me.  On Wednesday we went with my aunt (their grandma) to see my grandma again.  After that we went to the pool and Cailyn and I must have jumped off the diving board over 50 times.

My Dad and I met James and his wife (another cousin) at the World War 1 museum in Kansas City on Thursday.  It was done very well and I think we all enjoyed it.  You can even go to the top of the tower (built in 1926) in the background of the picture.  After that I went to see the Truman Presidential Library (my dad had to take a nap in the car), which I found to be fascinating.  Afterwards we went to James’s house for dinner and then to Shannessy’s (yet another cousin) house.

I flew to Denver on Friday and Michael (he was on the boat in March and May) picked me up to stay at his house.  He had a very nice dinner party that night.  In the morning he drove me to Golden in his yellow corvette with the top down (what a ride!!).  Once in Golden I got a ride to a cabin party at one of my firefighter co-worker’s.  It was great seeing lots of friends (one of them was my step daughter’s kindergarten teacher) and riding 4 wheelers.  In the evening I met my youngest brother and a friend Luke for a drink and my brother gave me a ride to Andrea’s (a cousin on my dad’s side) house to finish out the week.

I did get to see the last shuttle launch while waiting for my flight to Denver.  I was a little sad I did not get to see a shuttle launch in person as I had planned, but I have had so much fun these last couple of weeks (and I get to run the entertainment for the Golden Relay For Life next week) that it was worth having to watch it on TV (I think I saw a lot more of it this way).

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