At sea

By June 7, 2009 No Comments

We have been at sea for a week and a half.  We did have a one day stop at Grand Cayman (I want to go back and spend some real time) in order to fill up with fuel, water, provisions, and supplies.  Man there were a lot of cruise ships in port.  We also wanted to get a weather report and make sure we had a good weather window.  Everything we looked at showed a storm coming into the Caymans in three days and would move northeast (we were headed northwest).  I was fine with it because we had a three day head start and the storm was headed in a different direction, but one of the crew had to mull it over for 12 hours before he agreed we would be ok.  Since then we have not had winds over 15 knots and three days we had no wind at all and had to motor.  We expect to be in Houston on Friday morning.

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