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Argyle Waterfall is the most famous in Tobago

By October 28, 2018 3 Comments
Argyle Waterfall 1

Argyle Waterfall 2There is no debating that Argyle Waterfall is the most famous and for good reason. Destination Trinidad & Tobago says of Argyle Waterfall, “At 175 feet (54 metres), Argyle, Tobago’s highest waterfall attracts locals and foreigners to its cascade of cool, crisp water that flows down from three dramatic levels. Located on the northeast side of Tobago, the falls are just outside Roxborough, on the Scarborough road (only a few hundred metres from the road to Bloody Bay along the Caribbean coast). The Roxborough Visitor Service Co-op office serves as the entrance. Encircled by lush green foliage, the waterfall is accessed after a 15-20 minute trek along a clearly marked trail. Argyle Waterfall 3Along the way you are greeted by butterflies and a variety of birds. But before heading off you must pay an entrance fee of TT$60 (about $10 US) at the office. If you wish you can hire a guide for an additional fee. With 3 levels, the thunderous sound of the waterfall is heard long before you see it. The height of the first cascade hides the real splendor of Argyle’s upper levels. If you are adventurous you can hike up a bushy path on the right hand side to the second level, where you are greeted by a thick mist. At this level, you can lie in several natural rock tubs and let the water rush over your body. Finally, going further the third pool, though the smallest is the deepest and the best for swimming, inviting you to dive, jump or swing into the water from available vines.”

Argyle Waterfall 4As good of a description as this was it is inaccurate in my opinion. While the first three levels of Argyle Waterfall are dramatic and worth every effort to see I continued up at least 10 levels and I was told by a local coming down with his family that there are over 40 levels that make up Argyle Waterfall. Some of these are dramatic forty-foot drops into a pool of water, while others are merely five-foot slopes the water runs down.

Argyle Waterfall 5You can always use the path mentioned above. It starts as a staircase to the right of the first level of Argyle Waterfall and continues up along the right of each level. If you are using this path to go up just be careful because there are times it is quite steep and other times it is easy to lose in the rainforest. What I recommend instead is to leave your car at the entrance to Argyle Waterfall and have a knowledgeable local drive you to the top level and then walk down the waterfall using the path when needed.

Regardless if you go up a few levels from the beginning or you chose to walk down the whole thing I promise you will love Argyle Waterfall.


  • Shane says:


    I hope you have a great time in Tobago and especially at Argyle Waterfall. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  • Avery says:

    I plan on going here. Great breakdown on your experience. I look forward to experiencing and seeing your words in person!

  • Marise says:

    Beautiful pics

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