A couple wonderful little anchorages on Martinique

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Anse Noire & Anse Dufour are located on the south shore of the Fort De France bay on the island of Martinique. They are so small they do not show up on my charts, but are worth finding. Each bay can really only hold 3-4 boats because of the size of the bay, the depth of the water, and how much boats swirl at anchor.

We chose Anse Noire (Black Bay) which is the north one and the snorkeling was excellent on both sides of the bay. We even saw some people cliff jumping on the south side of the bay. The next day we checked out the snorkeling in Anse Dufour and found it just as good.

Ashore there is a small beach, a dock, and bar sell concessions. This helped make these bays perfect little get aways while in the French island of Martinique.

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