Anse D’arlet is a perfect little French town

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Anse D’arlet just happens to be on the French island of Martinique instead of the French country side. The town sits on the beach of two bays that are separated by a head land on the western end of the south side of Martinique. The northern bay is Grand Anse D’arlet and ashore you will find a nice beach with 4-6 beach restaurants on it. There is a marine park on the north side of the bay and the snorkeling is also good on the end of the head land where the water goes from 20 feet to hundreds of feet within a couple hundred of shore.

the building where you can check in or out

Past the head land you come into Les Anses D’arlet and this is where the main part of town sits. You know you are in town as soon as you walk of the government pier, because it dumps out at a water front park and the church is directly in front of the pier. I loved walking around and checking out all the West Indian architecture. If you are looking to check in or out turn right as you come off the pier and it will be the cubical looking building that is totally out of place 3-4 buildings from the church. It is called the Cyber base, but the sign is small and hidden by a tree.

Two really odd things about Anse D’arlet is first there are a lot of impressive mooring balls professionally laid out by the government, but no one is allowed to use them. I was told this is due to the government not being able to get insurance on them or some broke and the government is scared to have them used, depending on who you ask. The second odd thing is that on the south end of Les Anse D’arlet there is two impressive, huge, black, PVC rings with guardrails floating a quarter mile offshore. These are pens for a fish farm, but nothing else remains of the farm. It is just the rings floating on the water with nothing underneath.

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