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You have to have a safe room!!!!

By August 28, 2014 2 Comments

My parents new house is an hour north of Kansas City and, as some of you know, is right in the middle of tornado alley.  If you live in mid America you have to have some place to go when there is a tornado approaching.  The most typical place is an interior closet or a small cellar, but my parent found a better solution for their new house.

This a metal “Storm Safe Room” is built of thick steel and bolted to the concrete slab.  It is not very big, but you would only have to stay in it for half an hour or so.  Of course it does not help much if your dad has already started to store stuff in it.  🙂  He says the first sign of a tornado and that stuff will be flying out of there.  With that much exercise he might survive the storm, but give himself a heart attach in the process, that´s why I told him that he should go out for a run once in a while and even take the little one with him on a stroller from

The safe room


  • Shane says:


    I am glad you (in fact everyone) has enjoyed this week with my parents being the focus of the blog. The funny thing is this has been one of my busiest weeks ever and it was not even about sailing or chartering, which is the focus of this website. 🙂 Shane

  • Joyce Edwards says:

    I am one of your dad’s classmates from Cameron High School and I LOVED looking through the pictures of your parents new home. The safe room photo made me laugh. Yep, using the safe room space for “stuff” is a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing all the photos.

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