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You have got to be careful with those propane tanks

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With two weeks left in my season I had a propane tank run out of gas. Now I carry 10 pound bottles, so running out of gas happens about once a month during the charter season. this is not a big deal because I carry three bottles.

Well this time I already had one empty bottle and now a second, so I knew I needed to get more at the end of the charter. I was not worried though because the one I had attached to the BBQ grill was still half full. I switched it over to run the inside oven and stove top (the guest needed coffee). When I opened the bottle to the tank it started hissing and leaking…..Just so you know THAT IS NOT GOOD.

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It took me several times of fitting and fiddling and inspecting before I realize the issue. As you can see in the above photo somehow the seal in the valve of my last tank with any propane had become warped and therefore could not keep from leaking. Knowing that they needed coffee I was able to heat the water and not leak gas as long as I held the valve just right.
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After coffee was made I shut the tank off and started thinking. Turns out we were at Virgin Gorda, so we headed to the marina in Spanish Town for water and some provisions before we explored the Baths. While at the marina I grabbed the two empty bottles and took a taxi to someone that could fill them up for me. The good news is that I was back in 10-15 minutes and even with the taxi fare it cost me only a few dollars more than if I did it on St Thomas and I did not have to drive 45 minutes each way from Red Hook. YEA!

I also ordered a new valve from Propane Products along with a few other spares which you can see below. Now I have to take it to the propane refill station and have them replace the one with the damaged seal with this new one.

This is something you can do yourself, but you have to secure it really well and have a special tool to sort things out. It just makes way more sense to let them do it for $5.

Propane valve

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