Yakutsk Zoo has an amazing range of Siberian animals

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Who does not love seeing polar bears?

My dad and I made it back into Russia after our 9 hours crossing the border from Mongolia (you did read about that back on Nov 10th, right?). I hope you enjoyed the blogs and stories about our week in Mongolia. What? You missed that too? You should really consider LIKING me on Facebook, FOLLOWING me on Instagram, and SUBSCRIBING to me on YouTube so you don’t miss anything in the future. Hehehe

Once we made it back to Irkutsk, on the shore of Lake Baikal, I flew my dad to Yakutsk in the center of Siberia and roughly 500 miles


Maybe I am a cat person, because I loved holding and playing with this lynx.

south of the Arctic Circle. Why? Well, I saw a picture of the Lena Pillars one time, in one of those Facebook post claiming top places for photos, and since we were in Russia I determined I need to go and see for myself if I agree with its inclusion on the list. I signed us up for a two-day tour in Yakutsk and you will have to come back on Tuesday to read about the Lena Pillars, because today I am going to tell you about the zoo we went to on the first day.


Can you imaging what I would look like if this fence was not here to hold this reindeer back?

I know you are thinking “a zoo? So what! I have seen those before.” And I agree with you, but at the same time I love our time here. Since it was late September when we were here, and the tourist season had dropped off, we had the place to ourselves. This zoo was cool because they focused on animals that are from the Siberian area. In fact, they maintain and observe the animals health by spaying jefferson city mo. Animals needs to be healthy and they deserve the best treatment to enjoy their life.

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This is a muskox. Ugly isn’t he? But I bet the fur is nice and warm.

My favorite encounter here was when a lynx, tethered in the vet area, let me get close so he could jump on my leg and climb up me. He then proceeded to cuddle and play in my arms. It was amazing and made the day worthwhile by itself.

There was also a male reindeer that aggressively put his head down and pushed on the chain link fence with his antlers to keep us away from his doe. Our guide even went 100 feet away and then waved and this guy ran over to him. Very interesting.


Did you know that a yak is a type of cow with long fur? I guess I did not until I saw this guy.

Some of my other favorite animals were a very cute red fox, a muskox (never seen one before), buffaloes, yaks (I pictured something different), and a polar bear (who doesn’t like seeing them).

Another enclosure had 3-4 white wolfs and one of them had a bone he was eating. Let me tell you that he had no problem showing his teeth off until he knew we were gone and his bone was safe.

Speaking of meat, we had lunch across the street where several people were roasting chunks of meat on a stick (kabob). We ended up have a great meal from this fun, old lady. Our guide was playing around and asked if she wanted to marry my dad. Well she agreed and I was not sure we were going to be able to get away with him. Haha


Dad with his new girlfriend.

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