What a Wonderful Night at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca

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RIck's Cafe in Casablanca
Looking Through Rick's Cafe

Looking Through Rick’s Cafe

I must admit our Morocco trip hasn’t started off well as we ended up in a really funny city in western Sahara [Shane – Laayoune} which we wrote about! But on our second night in Casablanca, after watching the movie Casablanca with Shane, I was quite excited to go to Rick’s Café! [Shane – I have to admit that even though it was only opened in 2004 and not laid out like the set in the movie, I still really wanted to eat here since this is my second favorite movie]

The bar at Rick's Cafe

The bar at Rick’s Cafe

So, we get dressed up (a very rare time that I get to see Shane in trousers and a shirt) and headed to Rick’s Café. It doesn’t look like the original one, it is a smaller version and Sam wasn’t there ????, but we loved everything about it!

Across the 2nd floor at Rick's Cafe

Across the 2nd floor at Rick’s Cafe

It was a quite romantic night with the piano playing [Shane – I just wish they played As Time Goes By ????], really good food, and such a great environment! First, I was thinking people are going there because it is famous due to the movie,  but even if it wasn’t it would be my favorite place to eat and enjoy good music in Casablanca. While listening to the song What A Wonderful Life, I decided we had a wonderful night for our first-year anniversary together!

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