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Windless did not work, but experience….

By January 20, 2015 No Comments

When I was in Anegada with some guest a couple weeks ago I was raising the anchor and it stopped halfway into the process. It would still go down, but when I pushed the button to go up it just clicked. I knew exactly what was wrong, because it happened to me in the Bahamas 4 years before. The connection for the electrical wire meeting the windlass motor was corroded.

The problem was that the anchor was halfway up, I had guest that wanted to get to the next spot, and there were a couple boats behind me. So I pulled the anchor the rest of the way up by hand and got us underway. While the guest enjoyed the 3 hour sail to Monkey Point I cracked open the windless, cleaned the connection, and fitted a new terminal on the wire. Once I put it back together everything worked perfectly…..except my back, but you have to come back on Thursday to read about that.


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