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New, bigger Willy T coming this month

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[Shane – I found the following article detailing the return of the Willy T on BVI News and thought so many of you would love to know. The orginal post can be found at . You should book a charter on Guiding Light next winter so we can all party on the new Willy T :).]

The William Thornton (Willy-T) Floating Bar & Restaurant, which is known for its lure of adventure-seekers, is expected to be back in operation this month.

The restaurant which usually operates on the south-west corner of The Bight off Norman Island was ‘an absolute right off’ following last year’s hurricanes, Manager Ewan Anderson said.

In an exclusive interview with BVI News, Anderson said the replacement vessel will be almost an exact replica of the previous steel boat.

He said the remains of the old vessel are still on the beach and will be removed and sold for scraps soon.

“We are building a new Willy T,” he said. “It is the same kind of ship [but] a bit larger and it will be in the same place.”

“We are going to drive it down next month,” he added.

New boat costly

The vessel was sourced in the United States and is currently being retrofitted.

And while remaining tight-lipped on the overall cost of the undertaking, Anderson admitted that it is costly.

“We are putting a lot of money back into it. Willy T will be back at a vast expense,” he noted.

Willy-T coming back important

Anderson said his family, which has been operating the unique business for more than 35 years, believes “it’s absolutely tantamount” to restore Willy T.

“It is one of the top ten attractions in the BVI. It’s a big tourist attraction,” he stressed.

He said fans of the restaurant are eagerly awaiting its return.

The Willy T vessel. (Photo Credit: Willy T)

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