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Why I liked this trip

By November 30, 2014 One Comment

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I liked this trip because:

1. It was a good trip during Thanksgiving.

2. It was in the ocean.

3. no grammar!!

4. Above is a joke. TAKE A JOKE PEOPLE!!

Honestly the only bad thing was that there was no internet, I told them to visit so they could get some great internet services. [Shane – we did a trip around St John, but I do have wi-fi in the BVI]

So overall, I rate it “8/8 is gr8 b8 m8” ☺☻- James (age 9)


The cool trip is this trip. There are a few rules, but you get used to it. Shane is so so cool! He is a very good cook and made chocolate lasagna that was really good!!! You can go snorkeling in the best places. There is a trampoline that you can lay on and there are two rooms for the kids, the pirate room and the firefighter room. I choose the firefighter room and my brother got the pirate one. Well I can’t tell you everything, because you have to find out some when you met Shane. – Nora (age 7)

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  • Mom and Dad says:

    I love the change you made to the pictures on the weekly blog. It is so easy to scroll through them!!!

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