Why eat ashore?

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When I have guest aboard I love cooking for them and usually will do 3 dinners during a 7 night charter. But what about the other 4 nights you may ask? Well a few charters like to cook themselves, but most people look forward to eating ashore. This gives them the opportunity to try different foods and cultures plus meet some of the local people.

For example have you ever had plantains? What about a roti? Salted fish with rice and beans? These are some of the specialties of the Caribbean you can try or you can see what a local chef does with a standard like lobster, ribs, pizza, burgers.

Some of my favorite restaurants are Pizza-Pi in Christmas Cove (some of the best pizzas I have had), Pirates Bight or the Willy T (surprises people, but that have pretty good food) at Norman Island, Cooper Island, Saba Rock in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda (check out the tarpon feeding and Rhone artifacts), Neptune’s Treasure in Anegada, and of course Corsair’s on Jost Van Dyke (see Vinny I did not forget you this time 🙂 ).

Where do you want to go when you are here?

Dinner time

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