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Who has the best cousin in the world?

By November 8, 2015 2 Comments

End of the trip At the Baths Whatch got there Love is the answer

Let me just say that I had the unbelievable opportunity to spend 10 days on the Guiding Light with my cousin, Shane. It was beyond amazing. After this trip I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that there is any other way to see the Virgin Islands other than from the water. We went to small little islands that were totally uninhabited, visited other islands that seemed to be trafficked mostly by others with boats. And I saw some of the best snorkeling that I have ever seen, without having to share it with a bunch of different other people and feeling like I’m about to bump into the stranger next to me. My husband and I went down to spend Shane’s birthday week with him and he pick the itinerary for the trip and am I glad that I did. We got to spend an afternoon lazing around in hammocks on Anagada after spending the morning and lunch time exploring the island on scooters. Spent some time strolling the sands after visiting the soggy dollar, and did I mention the wonderful snorkeling spots he took us to? I got to see aquatic creatures that you usually see only in aquariums: lion fish, a lone Baracuda, nurse sharks, schools of blue tang, sea urchins, starfish, I can on and on. The meals Shane and my husband made were scrumptious and every night there was different drink of the day, what a great way to end the day! This was definitely a trip of a lifetime, and I feel so lucky that my husband and I got to experience it with my cousin leading the way.


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