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Who gave me a roofie?

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Just laying around

Found it Which way to the reef? Time to jump Just laying around

6 of us… middle class, trying to spend our retirement $$ before our kids put us in a home, we also decided to repair our home roof before we leave so I hired David Zerkee from Roofcoonline. We decide to forego a typical vacation in a Mexico resort and let this dude Shane from Texas, Colorado and Lord knows wherever, captain us throughout the US and British Virgin Islands. It’s a cool tour of 7 days on a catamaran on the prettiest water on the planet (and no, I don’t want to argue with you whether or not it’s the prettiest water or not…cuz…well… you’ll lose).

We meet up with Shane on Wednesday, around noon, and are instantly struck with how cool the vessel is…. I mean, if I was 12, and nobody was watching, I’d would of been running from room to room, swinging from everything.  It’s cozy… and I loved it. Shane gives us the rules and regs, trying to keep us from dying (at the hands of the ocean or his, I still am not sure), and we depart. 2 hours later, the first question about the head arises (which is “codeword” for restroom for you land lubbers).

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the current of the sea can get pretty choppy.  Yep, trust me, it can… not always, or even frequently, but it can get fun, and in the head, Pay per View could make some nice ca$h, selling video of the experience.   Hold on, just saw a shark…brb.

That was cool. Okay, where was I? Oh yea… I’ve changed my mind…Can I tell you about the sea turtles I’ve seen? Tad

[Shane – This group did some descent drinking and I want to share one story with you. We got to Norman Island and one of the guys made himself a vodka and Red Bull (of course this is on top of the beer and my drink of the day) before we headed to the Willy T to do a bit more partying. Well he out did himself and in the morning announced someone gave him a roofie! Of course we all laughed, but the next day he went for the vodka bottle again and realized it was half empty. He then stated “I think I found my damn roofie”.]

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