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By September 3, 2015 4 Comments

Several weeks ago when I had the 20 year old boys helping me out sailing the boat we had a boat follow us into the shallow entrance of the North Sound on Virgin Gorda. The next day we were sailing to Anegada and had a great sail, but I noticed with the direction the wind was coming we would have no chance of sailing into the channel and to my anchor spot. I decided since we had good light I would sail the boat through the reef giving us a better angle. We successfully sailed all the way to Anegada, through the moored boats, around a shallow area, and anchored at my favorite anchor spot….all without turning on the engines. Of course the boys did not really understand the difficulty in this, but the dad made sure to point out that none of the other boats there sailed in.

It was not until a guy in a dinghy came zooming up yelling “WHO ARE YOU GUYS? You’re my heroes!” that they got the significance of our sailing. This guy said he was the boat following us into the shallow area and his wife was screaming at him as the depth closed in on 6.5 feet, but he keep telling her “look they are going this way so there must be enough water for us”. The next day his wife said “look at that boat sailing in the reef, are they stupid?” and as he looked he realized it was the Guiding Light….the same boat he followed the day before. He started asking me how I knew where I could go. To which I explained that I have been in the Virgin Islands for four years and have gotten to know the waters fairly well.

I have to admit his admiration and praise made me feel pretty proud for several days.



  • Shane says:


    It would be great to have you back and get some good sailing in.

    As far as sailing to the anchor spot in Anegada there are no tacks needed (or space to do them anyway), but if the wind is south of east then it is tough to make it up the channel. Once through the channel the wind is on the beam and I roll in the jib for visibility and less power. Once you get where you want you head directly up wind and the boat stalls out and you drop the anchor. like I said though you can’t do it every time due to the wind in the channel.

  • Victor says:

    I mean I’ll bring my brother along for crew!

  • Victor says:

    Well now, that’s cool…! How many tacks did that take or did you just have to let out sail and slowly coast up to your mooring? In any event, I have a brother who crews on sail boats here in Morro Bay for weekend sail races ( we call them “beer bouy races”). One of these days, it would be nice to actually sail around the BVI’s on your boat rather than motor; so that means (I think) I’ll leave the girls at home! VERY cool pic of your boat with the sails up!

  • Mom and Dad says:

    We find things about you that make us proud on a daily basis.

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