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Where to cross from?

By November 13, 2011 No Comments

I spent the entire week hanging out in the north part of Lake Worth, which is in North Palm Beach.  There is a dinghy landing a quarter of a mile away with a grocery store across the street and a West Marine and several Wi-Fi options very close by.  I have been spending my time working on the website.  I am still working on it, but what do you think?

There are several boats waiting for good weather to cross to the Bahamas and the discussions have turned to the best departure points.  My thought is if you are headed to West End, Grand Bahamas and onto the Abacos (as I am doing) then the Lake Worth inlet.  But if your destination is Nassau or the Exumas via the NW Channel then Miami is best.  And finally if you want to go to Bimini (like I did last time…too bad more people don’t go there, because it is a neat area to see for 2-4 days) then Angelfish cut or Rodriquez Key are the best options.  The nice thing is each departure point lets you leave a little before first light, gets you across the Stream, and allows you to anchor by nightfall (the Nassau route puts you in DEEP water for your night sail the rest of the way with a daylight landfall the next day).

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