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Where is the best hammock in the BVI?

By July 30, 2015 No Comments

Last week my cousins visited and I took them on a relaxing stroll through the BVI. Along the way I started comparing the different hammocks I came across. Here are few of my notes:

Saba Rock – Wonderful little island and a perfect little beach the hammock has a great view and amazing breeze, but the beach is man made.

Anegada – 
     Loblolly Beach – several hammocks under a group of sea grape trees. the advantage is an ice cream shop 100 feet away. The disadvantage is this is the most popular and busiest beach on the island.

     Anegada Beach Club – Again under sea grape trees. No ice cream, but their smoothies are not to be missed. This is the place I always fall asleep!

Soggy Dollar – These hammocks have the spreader bar so it is easier to share with a special someone. Plus the people watching can not be beat at this daytime party beach!!!!!

There are many other hammocks here and I will make it my mission to bring you the report on each one. 🙂 Do you have a story about a hammock you want to share?
Loblolly Beach Anegada Beach Club Soggy Dollar

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