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When your back goes out

By January 22, 2015 One Comment
The captain resting

When I had to bring the anchor up by hand, which you read about two days ago, I strained my back. The problem was that I had two more days on the current charter and another one starting 24 hours after that.

I needed to recover quick, because I looked and felt like a decrepit old man (you know, like my dad 😉 ) and could not stand up straight. So every chance I got I laid down with a heat pad on my lower back to help loosen up the muscles, drank water, and took a few pain killers.

During the 24 hour turn I let the people I hired get the boat completely turned around and all I did was shop for provisions. Lucky for me, because it worked and I was 95% when the new charter started.

The captain resting

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