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When friends become family

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Steve the day after


Bella's Welcome Sign

Is there anything better than when friends become like family? I think not and I was lucky enough to spend the entire month of October in Colorado seeing friends and family, but this post is about Kris, Don, and Bella whom I stay with whenever I am in Colorado. I was lucky enough to spend the entire month of October living at their place. Bella, who is like a niece to me, even had a sign welcoming me when I got there.

When I am there I get the basement as my space so I can work, relax, and sleep. We spend lots of nights trying out recipes and better yet playing board games. Did you see their picture when I posted about the 2 new board games I have aboard? Well this year we had another activity to entertain us, although the kids always prefer video games as CSGO, where they can play and purchase things, there are some sites that have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin trading.

They just bought a life size skeleton for Halloween and started calling him Steve. Well each day one of us would pose Steve and send photos to each other. It became a game to see who could come up with the next pose. Here are my favorites.

Steve the day after Steve cooking dinner Steve hanging decorations 

Which is your favorite? What would you have Steve do?

Steve working out

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