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What was our favorite thing?

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Ready? Jump!!!


Look what I found This is the life Ready? Jump!!! Where are we?

My Favorite part of my trip was when we were at the Baths. It was AWSOME! We got to climb on rocks, jump off rocks, go under rocks, and even swim between rocks!

Captain Shane (AKA Captain Swag Money) [Shane – this apparently means the best ever if you are under 13, just thought you should know but I doubt you are surprised 😉 ] showed us more adventurous ways to get around the rocky caves other than the backed-up general route. Turns out, the regular route misses most of the amazing sights. I admit, it was pretty scary going through all the underwater caves and other super cool stuff. The best part was when we jumped off a large rock. It was like fweeefwoooosh SPLASH! Another cool thing was when we saw these two rocks on the beach where the waves crashed in between. I choked on water but it was worth it. Cheers to the Guiding Light and Captain Swag Money for making this an amazing vacation. –Olivia age 12


My favorite thing on this trip was the coral reef.  I saw the coral in a whole different way than my family and I liked it more than them.  I saw the coral reef as an ecosystem like a human’s, with different separation of the “rural, suburban, and the urban” areas.  In my head, they all had jobs and went to work every day.  After work, they went back to their house (coral) in the different areas.  In the rural area, the fish worked in the fields (small grass patches) and slept in small, dying, coral.  In the suburbs, fish worked in small businesses and factories (fan coral, brain coral, etc.) and slept in comfortable houses of the same types of coral. In the urban area fish worked in politics or had good paying jobs as a doctor or a lawyer or more specific a Massachusetts Divorce Attorney since is always need it.  Seeing and thinking that really changed my view of the ocean in a good way.  I’m very glad captain Shane piloted us and guided us on this great journey in the Virgin Islands. – Harrison age10


The best part of the trip for me was the abundance of wildlife and sea-life that we saw on our week away.  The snorkeling was amazing at each location that Captain Shane sailed.  We were lucky to see many different types of coral, fish, sea fans, spotted eagle rays, and majestic green sea turtles. During one snorkeling trip, Captain Shane handed us short- spine sea urchins and brittle starfish to hold and discover.  At Sandy Cay, off Jost Van Dyke, we hiked around an island of lizards and hermit crabs.  In Reef Bay, off St. John, we hiked to the petroglyphs and discovered land crabs, mongoose, and deer that would walk 10 feet in front of you.  Of course, we also saw the wild chickens, goats and heard the roosters at most islands along the way.  On our last night, we heard and saw large fish feeding around the boat in the dark.    I was surprised and amazed at the wide variety of creatures we were able to see in such a short time. – Lanette (Mom)


It is so hard to choose a “favorite” part of the trip. From start to finish, we had a wonderful time. Starting with the Easter Service at Saint Andrews on St. Thomas and finishing with the family dunking their heads under water at night off the stern to see the tarpon and horse-eye jacks circling around, it was a blast.  The natural beauty of the Islands is something to behold. The animals and sea creatures are captivating. Snorkeling was like entering an entirely different world from my own. Sitting on deck at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise was peaceful and something I won’t forget. But if I had to isolate it to a single, magical moment, it would be from the final snorkel at Tektite. Shane had told us about an opening in the rocks, through which we could narrowly pass. With the crashing waves and sharp barnacles on either side, it looked a bit foreboding. I’m not sure anyone was really confident of going through. But we did it anyway, and the reward – a wildly colorful secret hideaway just large enough for the four of us to stand together and admire the wonder – is something I’ll never forget – Rob (Dad).


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