What to do on the southwest coast of Norway?

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Statue Of Liberty

In between the time I left Oslo and I boarded the MS Lofoton in Bergen, I stayed in Haugesund on the southwest coast of Norway. A friend of mine in St Thomas, named Ingrid, who just immigrated for Norway with her husband and daughter told me to get a flight here. She told me her friend, also named Ingrid, had a spare room for me. Of course I looked on her Facebook page and she had 5-6 friends named Ingrid (would you believe this is a common Norwegian name 🙂 ) and I had to ask which one. She was a wonderful lady who is a school teach like my mom was and I would like to thank her one more time. Thank you Ingrid for putting up with me :).

Another friend of St Thomas Ingrid, Edgars, picked me up from the airport (trust me when I tell you that you do not have to worry about getting lost in this airport as you will trip over the one baggage claim area going from one door to the other). Even though he was working he still took the time to come by and take me to see different sights around the area. So a special thanks to you, Edgars, as well.

We visited a viking memorial and the mine in Visnes where the wonderful people of France got the copper so they could build the Statue of Liberty as a gift to America. I had another picture kissing the small replica, but it was blurry. The other thing I knew I had to see after Edgars told me about it was a roundabout. Of course I have seen a roundabout before, but never in an tunnel….450 feet underground….below a fjord!

 Viking MemorialStatue Of Liberty Roundabout In Tunnel 

We also saw St Olav’s church which was built in 1250 and right next to it is a pillar called Virgin Mary’s Sewing Needle. According to legend if the pillar ever actually touches the church then the apocalypse will happen. Some sewing needle, huh?


I just thought I might help it get here a little quicker. 🙂

Me Pushing Church rock over



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