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What, me be sarcastic? NEVER EVER!

By June 23, 2016 No Comments

Ok, so those of you that know me take the above statement for the sarcasm that it is. Those that don’t know me have to understand my sense of humor is fairly dry and sarcastic…..with just enough naughtiness to keep you guessing. My sarcasm is in good fun and usually means I like you, because I rarely mess with people I don’t care to be around.

The other week I was in a store and saw this shirt and fell in love with it.

Usually I can be pretty quick with a comment, but sometimes people catch me off guard with something they said because it is either so far fetched, funny, ridiculous, or out of the blue I have no comment at that moment. Now I can point to this shirt as I come up with something for them.

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